Annual Giving


2016-17 Annual Giving Report


To: Class of ’72 Executive Committee

From: Tom Hoster ’72 and Nikos Monoyios ‘72

Date: July 11, 2017

Re: Annual Giving Results 2016-17

We are pleased to report that the Class of ’72 has completed another outstanding year in Annual Giving. For the Annual Giving year 2016-17 – our 45th Reunion year – the class gave $2,291,887 while achieving a participation rate of 65.5%, with 537 out of 820 classmates participating.


Dollars. At $2.3 million, our dollar total was an excellent result for the class. Now having contributed more than $24 million to Annual Giving, the Class of ’72 is in the top dozen classes that have contributed the most to Annual Giving over the years.


Participation. Our participation rate of 65.5% marks the nineteenth year in a row that the Class of ’72 has been above the magic 60% level, a feat that no other class in our decade has come close to achieving.


To put this in context, our participation was almost 19 percentage points above the average for the other nine classes in the decade of the seventies, including another major-reunion classes. (Our participation rate was 65.5%; the average for the other nine classes in our decade was 46.6%.)


The graph at the top of the next page says it all.






Overall Campaign Results. Annual Giving results were excellent this past year. At 56.8%, participation fell for the second year in a row, but the $74.9 million shattered the old dollar record by a wide margin. The impact of Annual Giving is felt University-wide, because the funds raised from Annual Giving are unallocated (unlike much of the endowment income) so they can be used wherever they are needed most.


Class of ’72 Efforts. This was Tom’s 25th year as Class Agent and Nikos’ first year running the Special Gifts effort. It was another challenging year – we seem to say that every year – but made easier by 32 classmates who worked as part of the Special Gifts effort, the participation effort, or both.


For the second year in a row, Tom sent a hand-written thank-you note to each donor, this year on custom cards that the Annual Giving office printed up with a photograph on them of the stone marking the Class of ’72 Plaza outside of McCosh 10.


Beating 65% participation for the second year in a row is gratifying, as is raising $2.3 million. Outstanding participation in Annual Giving can be very hard to sustain, and finding five-figure and six-figure gifts is particularly challenging. Engaging classmates and keeping them in the Annual Giving fold can be a challenge as we get farther from our Princeton years, but it is a joy when they show up at Reunions or a Class trip. We might note that the Admissions Office has not been our friend. But we benefit from a Class leadership that believes that our Annual Giving results are a unifying theme that brings the Class together.


The Class of ‘72 continues to be in an excellent position to extend our string of successful Annual Giving results as we continue into our fifth decade as alumni.




Tom and Nikos



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