Whitman College and the Class of '72 Dining Room


Please click on the image below to be taken to a gallery of Whitman College pix taken on 9/27/07. Your Webmaster's personal opinion is that the University and architect did a wonderful job of visually and physically integrating this major new structure into the heart of the campus. For example, there are "chimneys" that match those of much older buildings, but they are used for ventilation, not fireplaces. I've included shots of Blair and Lockhart as a quick reference/reminder. Emily and I noted that many of the carved "decorations" on these buildings are just black blobs, sorely in need of cleaning.

And the food! As you will see, this is not your father and mother's steam tray. Chefs prepare the food on site, to order. Or the kids assemble the meal themselves. And students may have just about anything they want.

The Class of '72 Dining Room is, as they say, a magnificent "space." Other classes have contributed other spaces, but I really think that "our" dining room" is the standout.