50TH REUNION. . . May 19-22

Thirty Women of ’72 – that’s almost half our total number! – contributed to shaping and informing the women’s essays that represent us collectively in the ’72 50th Reunion yearbook.  You were incredibly generous with your time and energy in writing vignettes and reflections about our student years; responding with grace and humor to our Women of ’72 survey questions; and participating in “memory excavation” Zooms in April 2021.  

Along with all classmates, we will each receive a hardcopy of the reunion yearbook soon after the Reunion in May – including the Tales From the Frontier essay co-written by Daryl and Janet, which distills the more than thirty pages of magnificent content you provided into a mere 3,000 words.  Your stories, including your survey responses, reflect a transformative time for all of us, together painting a vivid picture of Princeton in transition. We hope the unabridged compilations of your stories and responses, preserving your individual stories in all their rich detail and now available here, will become part of the collective memory of the Women of ’72 – and ultimately enrich both the University and Class of ’72 archives.

Vignettes from Our Student Years

Women of '72 Survey Responses


Women of ’72 Reunion Brunch – Saturday, May 21, 9:30 - 11:00 am
Daryl English (4/24/22)

Our brunch for the 50th is once again very informal – coffee, tea and pastries with no fixed seating – so we can mix and mingle easily, catch up, and even get acquainted face-to-face for the first time!  Come for the full time, or just stop by to say hello, as your schedule permits.  We will meet most likely in our Reunion Quiet Space, a fully tented area between Campbell and Hamilton. We will also march together in the P-Rade carrying a new 50th Reunion Women of ’72 banner.  Please join us for another emotional march through the decades.

 As of 5/14/22, here are the Women of ’72 who have confirmed plans to attend our brunch:

  • Jackie Ariail
  • Mary Coale Baldwin
  • Sherry Strasser Boswell
  • Larissa Brown
  • Pam Lloyd Coulter
  • Mary Wadsworth Darby
  • Jerri Donovan
  • Daryl English
  • Diana Foster
  • Helene Fromm
  • Barbara Julius
  • Dotty Jannarone Kemper
  • Chris Loomis
  • Holly Lovejoy
  • Vera Marcus
  • Mara Melum ’73 (Class Associate)
  • Helena Novakova
  • Carol Rahn
  • Patricia Bowe Romines
  • Susan Squier
  • Priscilla Stumm
  • Claudia Tesoro
  • Chris Van Horne
  • Judith White

See y'all this week -- can't wait!


50th Reunion Women of '72 Survey---  Looking Back for our 50th

As the story of the Women of '72 takes shape for our upcoming 50th Reunion class book, the idea of a survey designed specifically for us has also emerged as both a need and an opportunity.

Recognizing that university records for the women in our class are spotty at best, we've decided to create our own Women of '72 archive. We need your help filling in missing information.  In return, we will be happy to share the data we collect on request with any woman classmate who contributes to this effort by answering the questions in Part A.

Part B of this survey asks additional questions that might be especially useful for any still trying to collect thoughts and write personal reflections or anecdotes to contribute to the women's story for the class book.  We hope everyone will have fun with both parts of this survey and enjoy the memories that might percolate to the surface.

We owe special thanks to the Women of '71 and Robbie Wyper Shell, who wrote the women's story for the Class of '71 50th Reunion class book, for their kind permission to use and adapt their survey questionnaire as Part B of our own.