San Antonio Class Trip Rescheduled

Jan 29, 2021


Wednesday March 9 – Sunday March 13, 2022

Happy 2021 to all San Antonio travelers. I have been on radio silence concerning the trip as I wanted to try to determine if it actually might happen this March. With the vaccines slow in getting distributed, and Covid concerns likely to be evident well into the summer, we have decided to postpone again. Given the fact that we still have another trip scheduled with Professor McPherson in November, I really don't see a window for San Antonio until 2022. So the new dates will be Wednesday March 9 through Sunday March 13 2022. The hotel and event planners are fully on board, and I suspect it will be pretty much the same itinerary that we planned for the original trip in 2020. Bob Wright is working on recreating the Waco add on at the end of the trip, and we will keep you posted as that develops. 

There is nothing for anyone to do now except mark your calendar for March 9-13 2022, with potential for a short extension to Waco. In the event that you cannot make those dates, please let me know. Otherwise I assume you will be joining us. It will be a great prelude to our 50th Reunion May 19-22 2022. Don't forget to go to the Class Web Page and update your bio for the Class Book which Ed Strauss and Merc Morris are working tirelessly on.

I hope everyone is in good health, and I look forward to our San Antonio adventure in 2022.     Robby


Trip participants

Frances Ashley
Russ and Kathy Ayres
Larry and Carol Barbour
Sandy Bieber and Linda Rosenzweig
Freeman Craig
Jack and Meg Crews
Bill and BJ deGolian
Norm and Liz Duffett
Ray and Helen DuBois
Bart English
Mark and Lynn Extein
Burcham and Alicia Fuqua
Tom and Maryanne Guido
Bob and Shelly Gunn
Glenn and Irene Haas
Jesse Hackell and Judy Esterow
Rick and Chris Hammitt
Doug and Joan Harrison
Mike and Martile Schroder
Rob and Christine Smart
Mike and Toni Stoll
Ed Strauss
Rich Sun and Phyliss Hollenback

Tim and Patty Howard
David and Maureen Kimball
David and Wendy Kixmiller
Charlie Kohl and Philio Cushing
Larry and Melissa Kurtz
Grace Labatt and Bob Swartz
Barbara Lang
Alan Makovsky
Ed and Jeanne McConnell
Locke and Joy McKenzie
Rod and Becky McNealy
Nikos Monoyios and Valerie Brackett
Merc Morris and Ginny Boyle
Bruce and Bev Nickerson
Mary O’Boyle
Don and Gail Pyle
Skip and Camille Rankin
Jim and Chris Robinson
Randy and Lisa Swenson
Tony Tichenor
Brad Walter
Bob and Sallie Wright

WACO: Optional trip add-on courtesy of Bob and Sallie Wright

Bob and Sallie are offering this option for '72 San Antonio travelers who might like to spend another couple of nights in Texas and enjoy some Central Texas hospitality.  

Expected Activities:

  • Magnolia Market at the Silos (for Fixer-Upper fans)
  • the Waco Mammoth National Monument
  • the Waco Suspension Bridge (completed in 1870) – the first toll bridge for cattle on the Chisholm Trail, an engineering marvel for its time, and the first major suspension bridge in Texas, its cabling coming all the way from the Roebling Company in New York (which later built the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • the Dr. Pepper Museum
  • the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame
  • parks, jogging trails and other attractive amenities along the Brazos River downtown.  

Bob adds, "I can tell you from many years of personal experience that it’s a delightful place to spend a nice spring evening."  

 For traveling home, American Airlines flies out of Waco to Dallas.  Many Wacoans, however, just drive to Austin or Dallas (DFW) and fly from there (about 1 hr. 45 mins. to get to either).