PAW Notes Plus

Introduced in mid-2019 as PAW Annex, this "library" gives everyone easy access to our ClassNotes as originally published in PAW magazine. Storing PAW columns here also allows us to show additional content submitted to our class secretary that just won't fit in our limited space on PAW's printed pages. 

Your peerless class scribe Merc Morris brainstormed this ingenious solution to the enviable challenge of classmates regularly sending too much good stuff to print in PAW.

Merc talks here about the new Plus in our class notes

Click on PAW editions listed below to read Merc's annotated Class Notes. 

You can also access earlier PAW Notes

To search for class columns published prior to the editions shown below, visit the PAW  Browse Class Notes page here. This history goes back only to 2014. Scans of older PAW Class Notes are available here.