Associates - Class of 1972


Class Associates Report: 5/22/2021                                                Mike Schneider
                                                                                                                                  Rob Smart


 We have lost 2 Classmates in 2021.

Those lost in 2021 will be honored @ the ‘live’ community wide Service of Remembrance, February 2022, Lost classmates are additionally remembered on the Class of 1972 Webpage within our “Crossings” contemplative locus. Crossings represents a timely, sensitive and practical tool of communication to the Class sharing the loss of our Classmates and offering an opportunity for personal reflections. Crossings has become an invaluable addition to the Class ethos.

Extended Memorials were published or are pending in the Princeton Alumni Weekly. Thank you M. Glenn Morris !

Each year at the Alumni Day Class Dinner we will offer an additional brief reflection for those classmates lost during the preceding year.

Gary Shapiro MD                             January 21, 2021
Douglas A. Blake                             April 1, 2021

We have lost 92 classmates in total, or 9.9 % of our graduating class.

Member Role:                                    931
Living role:                                         840
Honorary:                                           28 (4 expired)
Spouses with contacts:                     56       

We have completed the first full canvassing of the Class Associates to identify those with continued interest in receiving the Princeton Alumni Weekly. The Class presently bears the cost of PAW mailings.

The evolved process will be to send 2 brief letters and 2 emails within a 6 month period. Associates who designate that they have no further interest in continued PAW subscription or those that do not respond will be removed from the mailing list.
The effort will be repeated every 2-3 years. The next cycle will follow the 50th Reunion.

Submitted 2/22/2021/  mss


Background Report

Provided by Associates Program Co-Chairs (Mike Schneider and Rob Smart

The Program’s primary role is to communicate personally and respectfully with Class Associates. Associates are the surviving spouses or other self-designated parties interested in maintaining a relationship with the Class of 1972. The goal of this communication with Associates is to offer them the opportunity to become more involved - as ongoing members of the Class of ’72 community.


I.      Activities

The program has incorporated feedback arising from the Executive Committee Reunions 2013 and 2014 presentations.

Specifically when inviting Associates to University or Class events we are emphasizing events, which remember and celebrate lost classmates. We will additionally share with Class Associates the full calendar of events available during any on-campus visit.

The Associates will be directed to active links describing the full programming for specialized alumni events (Alumni Day, Reunions).

The Co-Chairs will enlist a group of class members and spouses to function as a "formal" reception group for returning Associates. Initially this group will be our present program co-chairs and spouses. As the program realizes larger Associate roles, other class members (spouses) will be enlisted.

The Co-Chairs will partner with the Reunion Chairs (45th) to identify and recruit the ecclesiastic designee to lead our Class Memorial Service.


II.      Communication Process

A.   3 communications: specific to potential and designated Associates

   1.  Note of Condolence

   2.   Annual invitation to Alumni Day & Service of Remembrance, which incorporates a full description of the Class Associates program.

   3.    Invitation to major Reunions highlighting Class Memorial Service

B.   Associates will receive all general class mailings (President's Letter, Reunion Letters, and open class e-mails.)


III.      Strategies for Program Implementation

A key previous strategic issue had been the most efficient methods to designate and incorporate lost classmates and their designated Associates onto our class website. Coincident with University policy, non-classmates (including Associates) need to follow the steps below to gain access to the class website:

The University will establish an entry for each Associate on the Class Directory. If the Associate wishes to post information or fully access the website, the Associate should send an e-mail to Doug Harrison, the Class Webmaster (, designating their desire for the Webmaster to enter their e-mail address into the Directory. That will allow the Associate to access the website through the First Time User Sign-Up (underneath the login). Once that Sign-Up is complete, the Associate can delete the e-mail address from the directory if desired.

The Website presently lists 34 Class Memorials as linked to PAW published Memorials. The PAW Memorials are list alphabetically.

The 72 Website additionally offers a heading entitled: "Crossings".  Because the publication of memorials in the Princeton Alumni Weekly is delayed by deadline and available space, the class will publish the loss of members as soon as possible in "Crossings". Notices will be listed chronologically. The website presently lists all known deceased classmates (52).

Within "Crossings”, Classmates can post personal remembrances of their deceased friends under the Remembrances tag in their own personal profiles (MY PROFILE). These remembrances can then be shared with class members viewing the entries within Crossings.

Previous communications on the Associates program can be accessed here.