The Women of '72

This webpage is a place for the Women of '72 to call our own—for purposes we propose to explore together. Its creation was inspired by some sweet serendipity shared by the 16 women of our class who attended our recent 45th Reunion. First, a brief spell of bad weather turned our brunch gathering on Reunions Saturday into an intimate interlude. Then, under clear skies and brilliant sunshine a few hours later, an impromptu walk together behind a new "1972 Women" banner turned into an emotional, triumphant march of celebration as we were cheered and applauded along the entire P-Rade route. We invite you to experience some of those vibes as recorded in "45th Reunion Reflections".

In short, our 45th experience reminded us that we hold a unique place in Princeton's history – all 63 women in the Class of 1972. At the same time, we reveled in the individual, unique life stories that we shared. Some among us were longtime friends. Many others were just getting acquainted. For all, the time seemed way too short.

This is a space where seeds planted at our 45th might continue to take root and perhaps spread. It can be a virtual community, a place to share our stories past and present, a bulletin board for posting events or musings – whatever we collectively want it to be, or simply fashion by using it.

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