Friends & Family Forum

Message from class president Mike Schneider about COVID-19 and our community.


For many of us, our friendships define our Princeton experience. Some are rooted in our student days.  Others blossom only in later years, newer connections nurtured through class trips, reunions and other gatherings – all the richer for filtering through layers of life experience. And over those years and activities, many among our families have also become treasured friends of the class – and thus members of the extended Class of '72 family.

This page responds to expressed interest in sharing news about and among that extended family. It provides a forum for conversation among old and new friends.  This is a space for reconnecting with new friends and old.  To share good news you want to celebrate, and not-so-good news that friends will want to know, and when a little support might lighten the load.

How it works

Classmates can post and reply to others' posts on this page.  If you want to reply privately to someone's post, best to use email, text or phone. (Contact info available through the Class Directory.)  All classmates with email addresses on record will receive monthly update emails (only when there has been activity on this page), with links to view recent posts and replies.  Of course, you can log in and view all messages on this page at any time.  We hope you will visit frequently. 

If you prefer not to receive those update notifications, every email will give you the option to unsubscribe from future Friends & Family mailings.

As always you should send news you want to share with the entire Princeton community to our class secretary for PAW Class Notes.  (Merc says, keep those news items coming!)  And our expanded Crossings page now includes memorials about friends of the class, including spouses, companions and members of other Princeton classes. (See Crossings for guidelines on submittals.)

If you choose to post or read notes please do so below. As a class member you have full privileges on this page after you've joined the friends and family forum. 

Dr. Tony Tichenor's articles on Covid-19 are all available below (outside of security as requested).

SPECIAL NOTICE ABOUT COVID-19: As the coronavirus pandemic claims countless lives and puts all at risk in our communities around the nation and the world, our Princeton '72 community is forever altered as well.  Undoubtedly some have become ill, others are helping on the front lines, and all of our normal lives are on hold during this unprecedented time of crisis.  We invite you to use this space to share with classmates your thoughts and experiences about  this watershed moment – and to help support others in their journeys through and around COVID-19.