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Class of '72 - Grandparents of the Class of '22


Note from Skip:

We had a great Pre-rade – rain and all. The Class of 2022 is very spirited, as demonstrated by their fortitude in marching through a steady (and cold) rain and then participating in a step-sing under a large tent on Alexander Beach (behind Alexander Hall), which is where the barbecue was originally planned to be held. (the barbecue was moved inside the dining halls where we gathered with several members of the Class of 2022 for a spirited meal). We had a good contingent of classmates in attendance (despite the rain).

In addition to Fritz and Robby, we were joined by classmates Tad LaFountain, Doug Kruse (Doug’s daughter Katie is a freshman in the Class of 2022), Ruby Huttner, Len Nissim, honorary classmate Dottie Werner and our faithful undergraduate reunion helpers, assembled by Fritz, who helped us carry our Class of 1972  banner and the new banner “linking” 2022 and 1972.

Our cellphone pockets that Fritz had ordered, in orange and black and featuring Ed Strauss’ creative logo, and which we gave out to the freshman during the step sing, were a great hit with the Class of 2022, and Robby lead us all in a locomotive for the Class of 2022 (the ’72 way) to conclude the evening’s program.

More photos here.