Memorial Plaza

The Class of 1972 Plaza is between the entrance to McCosh 10 and Murray-Dodge Hall on the northeast side of the driveway to Prospect.  The etched circular memorial occupies a natural intersection where students, faculty and visitors come and go from the dormitories, library, chapel and classrooms. The location is such that it is truly a crossroads and as well as a symbolic melding of important aspects of Princeton Life. Young and old will forever, unknowingly, stride over the backs of giants.

The plaza was funded in conjunction with our 25th reunion as a "bricks and mortar” memorial by our class. Several locations as possible sites were proposed by the University and the Class Executive Committee selected the current location. The memorial was installed and dedicated at a later, quieter time. Since installation, the Class of 1972 Memorial Plaza is the gathering place for our non-major reunion class luncheons and pre-P-rade assembly. On these occasions look for a bustle of your sharp-draped classmates beneath a canvas canopy and come join the party at your plaza.


Class Plaque


The Class Plaque was placed on Nassau Hall after our 25th Reunion