June 2014

At the request of Class President, Robert P. Wright, The Class of 1972 Associates Program was formalized in late 2012.

The Program’s primary role is to communicate personally and respectfully with Class Associates. Associates are the surviving spouses or other self-designated parties interested in maintaining a relationship with the Class of 1972. The goal of this communication with Associates is to offer them the opportunity to become more involved - as ongoing members of the Class of ’72 community.

The 1972 Class Associates Program will be managed by at least one Class of 1972 Alumnus who is appointed by the Class President.

The Chair (Co-Chair) will form and support two advisory groups:

1. One advisory group (Associates Advisory Group) will include Class members, especially those with ecclesiastical skills, and spouses of deceased Class members (Associates). The advisory group will review the structure, tone, and content of communications to Class Associates. It will additionally identify and engage religious ministers to perform Class Memorial Services at major reunions.

2. The second advisory group (Hospitality Group) will focus on hospitality. This group will include the Chair(s) and three to five Associates to advise, plan, and facilitate the reception of Associates attending Class events. The group’s intent will be to invite, and personally greet Class Associates at our Class events, while deferring to their desired levels of engagement in these activities.

Additional responsibilities of the Associates Program:

The Chair(s) will coordinate with the Class Secretary to achieve timely notification of classmate deaths. They will share information received to prepare the PAW Obituaries and Class Memorial Services.

The Chair(s) will coordinate with the Class of 1972 Webmaster concerning the personal information and contact preferences of the Class Associates, and to ensure that the memorial for each deceased Classmate is posted to the Class website in a timely manner.

General Class communications offered to Associates:

  • Annual Class President’s letter to all Associates

  • Additional written and email communications to the Class of 1972.

Communications managed by the Class Associates Co-Chairs:

  • Handwritten note to deceased alumnus/alumna spouse immediately on notice of Classmate’s death offering condolences on behalf of the Class of 1972.

  • Phone call to Class Associate reaching out and offering the Associate the opportunity to continue their participation within the Class and Princeton family. Call may be timed to introduce the posting of PAW memorial.

  • Support the Class Secretary in obtaining the information to be included in the Classmate’s PAW memorial.

  • Four to six months after the PAW memorial posting, a general letter will be mailed to the ‘new’ Class Associate outlining the Associate’s relationship with the Class of 1972, the Class support of his or her PAW subscription, and our hope that the Associate will join the rest of the Class in any of its ongoing activities and efforts. For those interested, the letter will introduce the opportunity for Associates to support the varied development efforts of the Class and University This letter will reinforce the value and tradition of the Annual Service of Remembrance on Alumni Day and the Class Memorial Service offered at the Class of 1972 major reunions.

  • Alumni Day is a mid-winter celebration that offers a glimpse of campus life when the University is in session. Featuring lectures by alumni award winners and Princeton’s top faculty, the annual Service of Remembrance, family programming, workshops and campus tours, Alumni Day provides an opportunity for alumni to connect back to the University, to one another, to our broader family and current students.

  • Princeton University’s Annual Memorial Service is a cherished part of Alumni Day. First held in 1919, the Service of Remembrance pays tribute to alumni, students and members of the Princeton University faculty and staff who have passed away during the previous calendar year

  • Contact Class Associates two to three months prior to Alumni Day to personally invite them to the Service of Remembrance, the class reception, and dinner following the Service.

  • Contact Class Associates six to eight months prior to major reunions to personally invite them to Reunion events especially the Class Memorial Service.

  • Following the Annual Service of Remembrance and the Class Memorial Service, the Chair(s) will produce a mailing with cover note from the Class President that shares the Program and content of these unique events with all the Associates.