Our 45th Reunion - June 1-4 2017

Total registrations: Classmates 211, Total 405

The Class of 72's 45th Reunion is over. Congrats to all who participated. Special thanks to Reunion Chairs, Robby and Fritz.

A sneak peek. What happens when 67 year olds don't act their age. Read about the Class of '72 45th Reunion Crew Classic here.

And waves of enthusiastic applause and cheers for the Women of '72 here. An excerpt from a essay by Chris Loomis describing their march:

You see, prior to when we entered, there were no women at Princeton. Carrying a banner identified us as the first of group of women who led the way for those who followed us. The overwhelming cheers were deafening and emotional. The women along the parade route realized that we had blazed a trail and that they had benefited from our trials and tribulations. It wasn’t until we heard the thunderous exuberance that I realized the impact we had made. There was an incredible connection which had been created and it brought many of us to tears.  We then realized how important our leadership had been in paving the way for those women who followed in our footsteps.

Read the entire posting here.

The 45th Reunion Schedule and key contacts is list available here. A full schedule of open events appears here.
A list of attendees is here. Photos of our Reunion are here.