There's a New Plus in Our PAW Class Notes

We are a busy class and these years more of us have time to travel, adventure and renew friendships.  Your willingness to share photos and stories with your classmates far exceeds the capacity allotted by Princeton Alumni Weekly for Class Notes – a capacity further constrained by the need to announce important, upcoming class events. It is a bounty of riches. 

First In/ First Out is PAW's general priority for Class Notes; new faces/new venues/new outings always move to the top of the list. Inevitably articles and photos collide with seasonal limitations and calendar needs; a selection must be made and narrative whittled to fit. These interlocking circumstances are as frustrating at this computer terminal as they are at yours. 

PAW Notes PLUS is our solution to this abundance.  It is neither constrained in length, nor squeezed by column width so the photos will be easier on seasoned eyes. PLUS columns in this space can also handle multiple photos accompanying the narrative. PAW itself of course remains first priority because it has the appeal of reaching the greater Princeton community, and Class Notes for the magazine remains your scribe’s highest obligation. First there, then here!  I hope you will make the PLUS in our Class Notes Show-and-Tell for the pixilated.

Tiger Cheers,

Merc Morris