2013 News and Announcements

Yale Game
November 16, 2013

The Yale game on Saturday, November 16 is right around the corner now. After the football team's incredible, triple-overtime 51-48 victory over Harvard last weekend and its convincing 53-20 win over Cornell yesterday, the Tigers are in sole possession of first place in the Ivy League. I hope as many of you as possible will join us in Princeton to help the team maintain that ranking and earn its second bonfire in as many years by defeating both Harvard and Yale.

Our schedule of events for Saturday is as follows:

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM – Tailgate – food, drink and festivities at Fine Plaza. Hosted by the Alumni Association, this is FREE and was a really good event last year. We will have a sizable Class contingent. If you plan to come, the Alumni Association has requested that you RSVP here.

1:00 PM – Tigers vs. Yale at Palmer Stadium

After the game – Class of 1972 cocktail party at the Fields Center, located at the corner of Prospect and Olden. No RSVP is needed for this event, and it is FREE.

We will also have a
Class Executive Committee meeting at 10 AM in the Class of 1972 Dining Room at Whitman; all are welcome to attend.

Please join us for some or all of these events if you can; hope to see you there.
'72 Napa/Americas Cup Weekend
Sept 5-9 2013

The races are over.  After trailing New Zealand 8-1, the US staged a spectacular comeback to win 9 races to 8. The class of '72 was deeply involved.

About 30 members of the Class of '72 plus their spouses/guests attended 4 days of racing, eating, tasting wines and viewing beautiful Northern California. Full details after the link. (More>>)

For those of you unschooled in Americas Cup Racing, please find Jack Griffin's primer on the sport below


Class of 72 Road Trip

Football at Georgetown September 28, 2013

The Class of 72 hosted a road trip to the Princeton-Georgetown football victory on Sept 28 followed by a postgame poolside reception hosted by Ray and Helen DuBois at their elegant and historic home in Georgetown. Their house is one of the six remaining farm houses in Georgetown. It was constructed around 1800, as the White House was being completed - a historic home for a historic football outing. The Tigers shut down Georgetown 50-22 and roared away in triumph. A near perfect gridiron road trip: game, setting, and matchless hosting afterwards. It felt then like the start of something big...

The class brought numbers - nearly 60 classmates spouses and friends- both to the game and then to the talk of the town afterwards. Seen (and rumored to have been seen) were: Badenoch, Cammerzell, Curtis, Dayton, DuBois, Duesterberg, Extein, Harrison, C. Hughes, G. Johnson, Kimball, Kohl, Maizels, J. Marshall, Merrified, McNealy, M. Morris, Newman, Olezewski, Ondrasik, Rankin, Rice, Rogers, Sethian, Smart, P.Unger, Walsh, and Woodward.

Fritz's son, Henry, was way cool in the pool while son Freddy Cammerzell remained higher, drier, and wiser... Special thanks also to Class Scholar Connor Clegg '14 and Matt Strauser '14 for their attentive assistance at the reception.

41st Reunion: May 30 - June 1, 2013

May 2013 and reunions went out in a blaze of heat -- yet our 41st gathering had more than enough sizzle to dispel the notion that the year after a major has the dulled pulse of a hangover. There was plenty of '72 snap, crackle and pop to serve notice that we hang around, not over.

On Friday night, Fritz Cammerzell graciously hosted our class dinner attended by Phil Caton, Pam Lloyd Coulter, Daryl English, Don Fletcher, Jim Graf, Randy Harris, Doug Harrison, John Hepburn, Jim Hinton, Charlie Hughes, Ruby Huttner, Brad Johnson, Art Kent, Charlie Kireker, Tad LaFountain, Paul Le Vine, Matt Mancuso, Mark Markiewicz, Elisa Marshall, Jim Marshall, Bruce Merrifield, Nikos Monoyios, Merc Morris, Bob Murley, Skip Rankin, Larry Sanford, Bob Saunders, Mike Schneider, Bill Sharpstone, Rob Smart, and Yaffa Ventura-Beck, who arrived from Israel for her first reunion. Class President Bob Wright welcomed everyone and presented Fritz Cammerzell with an orange apron embroidered Chez Cammerzell as a thank you for his gracious hospitality and service to the class at every reunion. As all found out, the Class of 1972 has a tent big enough for all.

The tent got bigger. Joining the Friday night crawlers were Hank Bjorklund, Gene Brissie, Ralph Bulle, Steve Burns, Bob Daniels, Andy Dayton, Norman Flitt, Alfred Glossbrenner, Chris Godfrey, John Hardy, Jim Hart, Kip Hewitt, Dave Jones, Barbara Julius, Dave Kimball, Fred Kurz, Chris Loomis, Rod McNealy, Dennis Murphy, Tom Schrader, Bob Scully, John Sethian, Bob Tate, Tony Tichenor, Al Wen and Art Wood. Classmate of many hats, Ed Strauss earned another as he donned the colorful cap signifying his post as P-rade Marshal. He left early for cat herding rules and graciously marked our station on Cannon Green where only shade was in short supply. Gerry Drum, David Hingston, Cye Newman and John and Chris Van Horne swelled the sweltering ranks.

We finished our passage along the P-rade at the reviewing stand with a final locomotive for outgoing President Tilghman and a welcome vintage cheer for incoming President Eisgruber. Sixty-six strong for '72 in 2013; not bad for number 41.

Check out photos from Reunions, click on "Trips/Photos", then "Picasa Photos".   If you have photos you can contribute, please send them to Doug Harrison at haphar@gmail.com and we will post them.  


Class of 1972 Virginia Civil War Battlefield Tour

Participants in the sixth Class of 1972 Civil War Battlefield Journey mustered in Virginia's (and the Confederacy's) capital city, Richmond, on Wednesday April 10, 2013. Classmembers and guests were guided by Princeton's professor of history emeritus Jim McPherson and his wife Pat (both honorary members of 1972) through the battlefields of Central Virginia including Seven Days (1862), Fredericksburg (1862), Chancellorsville (1863), and the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor (1864). more>>

Boathouse Dedication of Spirit of 1972 Shell

Posted May 1, 2013

On Saturday, April 27th, a number of classmates attended the dedication of the Spirit of 1972  eight-oared racing shell after watching some great racing on Lake Carnegie, including a four-length victory over Dartmouth, Penn, and Tennessee by the Women's Open Varsity crew racing in the Spirit of 1972 more >>