Civil War Battlefield Tour of the Shenandoah Valley with Professor James McPherson

Class Trip – Luray, Virginia
November, 2021

Civil War buffs,

As of now, the trip with Professor McPherson to the Shenandoah Valley November 3-7 2021 is still on. I suspect this may be one of our first gatherings as a class since the pandemic started in early 2020. While vaccines are slow to be distributed, I suspect everyone should be able to get one long before the trip, and that will be a prerequisite for anyone who attends. It also appears that things may be much more normal in terms of travel conditions in November, so I am confident that we will be able to go. We have taken over the whole Mimslyn Inn in Luray, Virginia as our lodging, which also means we will be a self contained group. 

There is nothing for anyone to do unless your plans have changed. If that is the case, please alert me as we are oversubscribed. 
I will keep everyone updated as plans evolve. Stay safe, and I look forward to our next Civil War adventure!!!  Robby


Trip leader Robby Robinson reports:

Our good friend and honorary classmate James McPherson has agreed to take us on a tour of the major battlefields of the Shenandoah Campaign that proved Stonewall Jackson to be one of the preeminent generals of the war.

We will occupy all 45 rooms of the Mimslyn Inn in Luray, Virginia for the trip. as well as all 12 rooms in the nearby Hotel Laurance (within walking distance). The Mimslyn's separate manor house on the property will be our hospitality suite.

We are still developing the itinerary, which may include a trip to the world-famous Luray Caverns. A few of you toured the caverns on a class trip with Andy Dayton a few years ago, but I am told they are well worth seeing again!! If they are not on the final itinerary, you should plan an extra day to see them.  

You can rest assured you will have the famous Shenandoah Campaign recreated for you as only Professor McPherson can do. With 57 total available rooms and a limit of two tour buses, we currently have overflow demand and a wait list. But we expect drop-outs as we get closer to the trip date, as always, so email me if you are interested.

'72 Cheers!  Robby


Update 3/25/20

Civil War aficionados- While I know the world is in uncharted territory currently with Covid-19, I wanted to let you know that as of now, the Shenandoah trip is still on for Nov 11-15. I have spoken with both hotels, and they are working with us until this crisis is resolved. We have made no down payments, and I will not do so until I are sure that the trip is on.
We did have to cancel the San Antonio trip as many of you know, which would be starting today. I have rescheduled for March 24-28 next year. 
I have reached out to Professor McPherson, and as far as I know, all is good with him. If anything on that front changes, I will let you know.

Please stay safe, and I wish everyone well as you cope with this virus. I will be in touch periodically with any relevant updates.   '72 cheers.   Robby


Update 10/6/20

Due to Covid-19, this trip has been postponed for a year.