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Another Successful Candidate - Brian Stockmar



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Class President Emeritus Bill De Golian - Mayor of Washington, Ga



Congratulations Bill!



Sydney Jordan


Doug and Merc provided unnecessary support for Class of '72 Scholar and Pyne Prize winner, Sydney Jordan, before her last game vs Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament. Sydney had a great game (career high 17 points).



Tad La Fountain's Latest Tigerblog


In case you missed this. 
The link will take you to the Princeton Athletic WebSite Blog where our Tad LaFountain again weaves one of his intricate knots of interconnected  (barely connected?)  Orange and Black arcanery.  Read the entry for January 21.  



Jim Marshall '72 - Princeton Veteran's Association

A discussion with Jim Marshall '72 concerning his Princeton experience and  the Princeton Veteran's Association here.



How many Princeton grads does it take to assemble a baby gate?

How many Princetonians does it take to put a baby gate together?
The answer is none. It takes the spouse of a Princetonian.


The befuddled Princetonians are Bob (I'm an Attorney) Wright and Doug (I'm not that kind of an engineer) Harrison. After a couple of futile hours they called spouse Joan who told them how to do it.



Tiger Blog - Tad La Fountain Posting

Take a look at Tad LaFountain's post about the history of Tiger sports here. You get a recognition as Princeton's second best fan if you know all the references.



PAW - Christopher Janney '72 "A Symphony for the Senses"

Read it here.