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50 Years of women's sports at Princeton began with Helena Novakova

Merc Morris reports (10/17/20)

October 17, 2020, Princeton celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first intercollegiate women’s athletic competition for Princeton and our classmate, Helena Novakova, was one-half of the winning team. In a wonderful, make-shift, thrown together way, two incredible athletes,  Helena and Margie Gengler Smith ’73, eager to compete, entered an Eastern Intercollegiate women’s tennis tournament in New Paltz, NY as Princeton’s team. They stepped onto a tennis court to play on behalf of a University that was in the early, early stages of sponsoring women’s athletics:  Princeton had an Assistant Athletic Director for Women, but no facilities, no coaches, no teams, and no uniforms when Helena and Margie knocked on an office door and asked, “Hey, can we compete for Princeton?”  This podcast tells it all—and there is a heckuva backstory for our courageous classmate, too.

Princeton Athletics' TigerBlog also reported on this major milestone in its October 16 post.  Helena's backstory is prominently featured there as well.  (Scroll down to click on Older Posts.)  And in case you missed it earlier, you can also read Helena's story in our Women of '72 Pioneer Tales.


' Gene'72 looks to new heights after retiring from Notre Dame

Eugene Halton, a recently retired sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame and the harmonica player for the The Newports musical group, isn’t exactly sure when he was tagged with his well-used nickname.

Jumpin’ Gene.

Article here.



Liz Plater Zyberk - Climate-Resilient Architecture

The Washington Post Magazine 9/14/20 published the following article on Liz Plater Zyberk's work on climate-resilient architecture.

Read the article here.


Ray DuBois - Democracy Together

Ray DuBois reports that he has become a signatory to a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal (8/21/20) placed by a group of former senior national security officials who have served in Republican administrations.  Ray explains that the ad's purpose is to state this group's position that "President Donald Trump has failed as a national security/ foreign policy leader, damaging America's role as a world leader while mismanaging the pandemic."  The group believes further that "Democratic candidate Joe Biden would be better for the country and indeed for the Republican party, even if many members of the group may disagree with him on certain policies."

Ray especially notes that he reached his decision to support this action only after "much soul searching," prompted by what he sees as  "continuing politicization of the military and disparagement of the intelligence agencies and diplomats."

Ray's personal views are informed by many years of service in federal government, which led to the invitation for him to participate in this action.  Ray served as acting under secretary of the army from February 2005 to February 2006, following three years as director of administration and management, responsible for all manpower, real estate, and organizational planning for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.  Concurrently, he was director of Washington Headquarters Services, aka the “mayor of the Pentagon.”  Previously, from April 2001 through November 2004, DuBois served as the deputy under secretary of defense for installations and environment.

Interested classmates can read the statement that Ray signed here.


Kara Dowling

We share a photo passed along by Bob Wright taken from the official Commissioning Ceremony of Ensign Kara Dowling, Class of 2020.  Classmates fortunate enough to have met Midshipman Dowling will recall her poise and comfort at Class gathering and her total appreciation for the 72CE internship that sponsored her in Cambodia.  Kara shared with the class an amazing diary she kept while overseas. See a letter from Kara (Cambodia) here.



Andy Snow picture from our 10th Reunion

Jimmy Stwert at his 50th (Our 10th)

Note from Andy:

Cool. Attached HERE is the full resolution file to make it the best it can be. I scanned the slide years ago (1996) and saved it. 

And he was as gracious and wonderful as you would expect. What an amazing human being. Frank Capra’s movie "Wonderful Life" is one of my favorites. 
Donna Reed is glowing. I well up every time I see and hear them on the screen.
Back to the 80s... PAW ran it in B/W back then since they didn’t do color printing.
Yet, it’s all about the sea of ORANGE HATS, right? 
And the faces of the guys when we were there for our 10th Reunion. 
They don’t look old to me now, so we’ll be fine in 2022. 
WOW. Where do the years go, hey? 
 All the best man. 


Another Successful Candidate - Brian Stockmar



Read here


Class President Emeritus Bill De Golian - Mayor of Washington, Ga



Congratulations Bill!



Sydney Jordan


Doug and Merc provided unnecessary support for Class of '72 Scholar and Pyne Prize winner, Sydney Jordan, before her last game vs Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament. Sydney had a great game (career high 17 points).



Tad La Fountain's Latest Tigerblog


In case you missed this. 
The link will take you to the Princeton Athletic WebSite Blog where our Tad LaFountain again weaves one of his intricate knots of interconnected  (barely connected?)  Orange and Black arcanery.  Read the entry for January 21.  



Jim Marshall '72 - Princeton Veteran's Association

A discussion with Jim Marshall '72 concerning his Princeton experience and  the Princeton Veteran's Association here.



How many Princeton grads does it take to assemble a baby gate?

How many Princetonians does it take to put a baby gate together?
The answer is none. It takes the spouse of a Princetonian.


The befuddled Princetonians are Bob (I'm an Attorney) Wright and Doug (I'm not that kind of an engineer) Harrison. After a couple of futile hours they called spouse Joan who told them how to do it.



Tiger Blog - Tad La Fountain Posting

Take a look at Tad LaFountain's post about the history of Tiger sports here. You get a recognition as Princeton's second best fan if you know all the references.



PAW - Christopher Janney '72 "A Symphony for the Senses"

Read it here.