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For Charleston Travelers - the Hunley Mystery

From Robby,

Charleston travelers- I forward a link to an article Grif Johnson found in the Washington Post about the H. L. Hunley. He suggests to watch the accompanying video also. As always, '72 finds the news first.....   Robby

From: Grif Johnson
Hey, Robby, I saw this article in today’s Washington Post online and thought it might be of interest to the Class of ’72 travelers who ventured down to Charleston, SC in January and toured the museum that houses the doomed Confederate submarine, the H. L. Hunley.


First View - Bob Wright Eclipse Photo


Brad Walter is ready for the eclipse

Received this from Class Astronomer, Brad Walter

Below is a picture of my wife, Jan (just in from doing horse chores and gardening) with the equipment we are taking to view the eclipse. Set up in the garage to check mechanical assembly and run checks on software and mount control. It all seems to be working and ready for the big day. There are two telescopes of very different focal lengths to view through, Binoculars on a trapezoid bino mount for wide field viewing – all with solar filters, of course. The iPhone on  a tripod is to record a video of the scene.  The camera I took the picture with will be piggybacked on the white telescope to record either a video or a series of high dynamic range images (composites using three different exposures to capture the full dynamic range and then combine them by brightness area into one image that compresses the range so that nothing is too dark or washed out. If the weather doesn’t cooperate everyone will simply party. The Area around Clemson, SC is expecting a crowd that dwarfs those for a Clemson home football game in a championship year.

The equatorial mount is sitting on a homemade telescope “wheely” so I can move it while assembled something like a tandem-wheel wheelbarrow. It weighs about 200 lbs. when everything is put together.





Sam Bond (Jack Crews' son in law)

Tiger of the Week

Sam Bond ’03 

Bond joined the Marines after college, putting a business career on hold. Today, the former platoon leader is building and leading a team at Lyft. READ MORE


Dan Schwartz


Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz ’72 said it is “virtually certain” that he will run for Nevada governor as a Republican next year, and that he would officially announce his campaign in the next two months. — The Reno Gazette-Journal



Great News Abby Wood (Art Wood's Daughter)

New York Times article about Abby Wood, the Cubs and the Mets. here

Rep. Jim Marshall '72 Honors Veterans

Rep. Jim Marshall ’72, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, addressed the University’s Veterans Day observance in the Chapel Nov. 11. His speech can be read here. More to follow in an upcoming issue of class notes in the PAW.

To see the full article, click here.

Class Dinner - October 21 - Princeton Club of New York

The Class of 1972 held our sixth annual class dinner on October 21 Legendary Princeton basketball coach and Hall of Famer Pete Carril was be the guest speaker.

Photos and a list of attendees can be viewed here.

1928 Trophy

The Class of 1972 has been awarded the 1928 Trophy in 2015-6 for the largest offsite gathering of class members.We won the award with our Charlottesville Civil War trip in April, 2015 organized by Jim Robinson, Steve McLean and Professor James McPherson, in which we had 62 classmates and 113 total participants. 

Here are Bob and Jim accepting the award:

                                                                  and the award:


Cheers For Marty Franks '72

Field Hockey

Dear Friends of Princeton Field Hockey,

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -Carol Sobieski

Over the last 13 years I have had the honor to serve as the Head Coach of the Princeton Field Hockey team. As of July 10th, I will take on a new role as VP of Performance Science and Optimization at WHOOP. WHOOP is performance technology concerned with strain, recovery, and sleep