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Sydney Jordan ('72 Class Scholar) wins Pyne Prize

Our Class of 1972 Scholar, Sydney Jordan '19, has been awarded the Moses Taylor Pyne Prize, Princeton's most prestigious undergraduate recognition. She joins classmates Peter Cole '72 and David Jones '72, honorary classmate, Robert F. Goheen '40 *48 'h72, and former Class Scholar, Landis Stankievich ’08, as winners of the Pyne Prize. 

Sydney accepted the Pyne Prize at the Alumni Day Luncheon on February 23 in Jadwin Gym. She gave an outstanding acceptance speech which tracked her Princeton career from its beginning as a freshman from Manassas, Va who joined every organization available. She learned Arabic because it seemed interesting and she will graduate with a degree in Philosophy and a certificate in Near Eastern Studies. After the Luncheon, she walked over to Carril Court where she and her teammates on the Women's Basketball Team thrashed Columbia in preparation for the Ivy League leadership battle at Penn on Tuesday.   

Here is her acceptance speech from the Alumni Day Luncheon.

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Alumni Day 2019
Feb 23, 2019
Our annual Alumni Day Class Dinner was held on February 23 at the Nassau Club in Princeton. Our speaker was Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Visiting Lecturer and Diplomat in Residence (Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom). He talked about issues in Middle East diplomacy, particularly during the last two administrations.


We were joined by many members of our grandchild class, the great Class of 2022 at both the luncheon and the dinner shown here with '72 President, Skip Rankin  Also, they are shown with Ms Hobson and Mr Lucas,


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Our 46th Reunion - May 31-June 2



The Women of 72 march despite threatening storms

Daryl English and Merc Morris

Reunions builds on the momentum of fellowship, fun and intellectual engagement towards the P-rade, the climactic march of Orange and Black. It is the order of the Univers(ity)... This year's P-rade turned out a little different.

For the first time in our young marching history, the P-rade would be led by the venerable Old Guard, instead of this year's 25th Reunion gathering of the Class of 1993. Well, okay. Heaven forbid we become set in our ways.... But more about the P-rade in a moment...

Our 46th reunion assembly, though modest, was one of our best spirited. Other classes may top our numbers, but they can’t touch our vibe. Some arrived Thursday: Chris Godfrey, still on the road home from the Czech Republic, and Merc Morris to host a Friday campus tree tour for our hosts, the 45th Reunion Class of ’73.

Friday afternoon, a goodly turnout of classmates witnessed and cheered when Class Treasurer Emeritus Chris Loomis with President Skip Rankin received the Class of 1932 Plaque from Alumni Council president Jennifer Daniels ‘93, for the highest percentage increase in class dues (36%) in “a class of more than 25 but less than 50 years out of Princeton.”

At the same ceremony (and restaged in Firestone Lounge), our honorary and much honored classmate, James M. McPherson, received the Award for Service to Princeton. Read the citation below.

Friday evening we gathered at a familiar docking station, returning to Fritz Cammerzell’s house for wine, cheese and chatter, a lot of chatter — causing the caterer to pace. Convening under the big top were R. Brown, J. Callison, Cammerzell, Clegg ’14, h’72, Dayton, D. English, C. Godfrey, Hammitt, R. Harris, Hewitt, R. Hill, C. Hughes, Kohl, LaFountain, Le Vine, Lloyd Coulter, Loomis, Lovejoy (arriving for dessert), J. Marshall, McNealy, M. Morris, Rankin, T. Robertson, Sanford, Schneider, Tichenor, Walter and Woodward. Guests included Henry Cammerzell, Thayer Hewitt and Brock Hughes, along with Evan Elig ’20, Caden McLaughlin’20 and Nick Sileo’20 behind the bar, who poured and poured and poured.

Saturday brought a brisk rush of additional classmates for our pre-P-rade luncheon including Brissie, S. Burns, Clarke ’18 h’72, Daniels, Del Vecchio, B. English, Fair, Hewitt, Huttner, Julius, Kimball, Kurz, Luchak, Meaney, Murley, Nissim, Simpson, Smart, G. Smith, Springer, E. Strauss and Wen. Class Scholars Deion King ’18, Andrew Griffin ’20 and Kyla Sears ’21 stopped by with friend Zach Keller ’20. Guest George Will GS ‘68 also joined us.

Heeding the call of the band, we gathered at our station on the southwest corner of Nassau Hall, as predicted clouds began to darken the skies.The Old Guard led the way and the classes stepped out, right up through the Class of 1962. Then nada. We waited. No banners or blazers coming our way, but we could see a kerfuffle upstream.

Then a Marshall informed us, “The P-rade is being delayed.” No reason. Some heard rumors of lightning sighted at Poe Field. Nobody moved at first, but as the crowds lining the route moved without direction. Someone said, “Let’s go; we’re marching anyway.” So we unfurled the class banner and the Women of ’72 banner and stepped onto the route — think salmon swimming upstream ... We weaved against the current to smattering applause until figuratively tackled in front of Whig Hall.Lightning, the Marshall said sternly, take shelter. And so it ended. "Delayed" while the heavens opened, but when the rains were over, there was no one left to march. So, yes, it rained on our P-rade.

None among us can remember a P-rade ever getting rained out. But it's possible that one of our own, Pam Lloyd Coulter, attended the most recent -- at age three! Family lore has it that her father, who marched with Class of '42 in every P-rade until he passed, recalled a rain-out in 1953. Based on that math, best bring an umbrella in 2083!


Pre-rade September 9

Note from Skip:

I trust that you are having an enjoyable summer, whether at home, on vacation or just spending some quality time with family and friends.  

I am writing to inform you of some exciting news. The members of the Class of 1972 have been designated as the official grandparents of the members of the Class of 2022. Yes, that’s right, a grandparent/grandchild class relationship is something that classes at Princeton have been nurturing for several years now, and we have just qualified to be a grandparent class, which is defined as the class that is 50 years older than the incoming freshman (grandchild) class. The purpose of the relationship is to mentor the freshman class in any areas that will help them while at Princeton and after they graduate. As you will undoubtedly note, the Class of 2022 will be graduating the same year that we will be celebrating our 50th Reunion. 

In order to start this relationship on the proper footing, you are cordially invited to welcome the Class of 2022 at the Pre-rade on September 9, 2018. The Pre-rade takes place on the upper campus as the freshmen march from Opening Exercises in the University Chapel and enter the campus though the FitzRandolph Gate. We are to gather outside the gate at 3:30 pm and then we will march as a Class through FitzRandolph Gate with the Class of 1972 banner (and a new banner welcoming the Class of 2022 that we will unfurl that afternoon). We will have an opportunity to meet the freshmen and to address the Class of 2022 at the traditional Step Sing at Blair Arch (when the freshmen learn to sing “Old Nassau”). We are also invited to attend the Welcome Picnic, which is held in the area behind Alexander Hall following the Pre-rade. All in all, it should be a terrific way to participate in a relatively “new” tradition at Princeton and to welcome the members of the Class of 2022 into the Princeton community. 

 I hope that you will plan to join me on campus on September 9, and remember to wear your Class of 1972 Reunion jackets. You will need to register for this event, so that the University can accommodate everyone at the picnic. To register for the event and for more information, please go to http://alumni.princeton.edu/calendar/prerade/ .

    Best regards.




Our 46th Reunion - May 31-June 2