2017-19 Announcements


Home Coming Football Weekend-Friday-Saturday October 12-13

Our class kicks off the weekend on Friday, October 12 at The Princeton Club of New York with a class dinner. Drinks are at 6:30 followed by dinner. Guest speaker will be author and media personality Ann Coulter (Pam Lloyd Coulter’s Sister-in-Law). Reservations may be made here. The cost is $99 per person for dinner. There will be a cash bar for cocktails prior to dinner. For more information you may contact Chris Loomis (Christine@ChristineLoomis.com) or Tony Tichenor (wtichenor@sinuses.com).

If you wish to pay by check, please make the check payable to Princeton University Class of 1972 and send it to:

Pamela Lloyd Coulter

Princeton Club of New York

Box 40

15 West 43rd St.

New York New York 10036

Complete the weekend by joining the Tiger faithful for the football game against Brown on Saturday October 13. The Alumni Council will host the Homecoming Tiger Tailgate at Fine Plaza beginning at 11:30 A.M.

Our post-game reception begins immediately afterwards in The Study Hall of Peretsman-Scully Hall across Streicker Bridge from Princeton Stadium.


Pre-rade September 9

Note from Skip:

I trust that you are having an enjoyable summer, whether at home, on vacation or just spending some quality time with family and friends.  

I am writing to inform you of some exciting news. The members of the Class of 1972 have been designated as the official grandparents of the members of the Class of 2022. Yes, that’s right, a grandparent/grandchild class relationship is something that classes at Princeton have been nurturing for several years now, and we have just qualified to be a grandparent class, which is defined as the class that is 50 years older than the incoming freshman (grandchild) class. The purpose of the relationship is to mentor the freshman class in any areas that will help them while at Princeton and after they graduate. As you will undoubtedly note, the Class of 2022 will be graduating the same year that we will be celebrating our 50th Reunion. 

In order to start this relationship on the proper footing, you are cordially invited to welcome the Class of 2022 at the Pre-rade on September 9, 2018. The Pre-rade takes place on the upper campus as the freshmen march from Opening Exercises in the University Chapel and enter the campus though the FitzRandolph Gate. We are to gather outside the gate at 3:30 pm and then we will march as a Class through FitzRandolph Gate with the Class of 1972 banner (and a new banner welcoming the Class of 2022 that we will unfurl that afternoon). We will have an opportunity to meet the freshmen and to address the Class of 2022 at the traditional Step Sing at Blair Arch (when the freshmen learn to sing “Old Nassau”). We are also invited to attend the Welcome Picnic, which is held in the area behind Alexander Hall following the Pre-rade. All in all, it should be a terrific way to participate in a relatively “new” tradition at Princeton and to welcome the members of the Class of 2022 into the Princeton community. 

 I hope that you will plan to join me on campus on September 9, and remember to wear your Class of 1972 Reunion jackets. You will need to register for this event, so that the University can accommodate everyone at the picnic. To register for the event and for more information, please go to http://alumni.princeton.edu/calendar/prerade/ .

    Best regards.




Our 46th Reunion - May 31-June 2


The Women of 72 march despite threatening storms

Daryl English and Merc Morris

Reunions builds on the momentum of fellowship, fun and intellectual engagement towards the P-rade, the climactic march of Orange and Black. It is the order of the Univers(ity)... This year's P-rade turned out a little different.

For the first time in our young marching history, the P-rade would be led by the venerable Old Guard, instead of this year's 25th Reunion gathering of the Class of 1993. Well, okay. Heaven forbid we become set in our ways.... But more about the P-rade in a moment...

Our 46th reunion assembly, though modest, was one of our best spirited. Other classes may top our numbers, but they can’t touch our vibe. Some arrived Thursday: Chris Godfrey, still on the road home from the Czech Republic, and Merc Morris to host a Friday campus tree tour for our hosts, the 45th Reunion Class of ’73.

Friday afternoon, a goodly turnout of classmates witnessed and cheered when Class Treasurer Emeritus Chris Loomis with President Skip Rankin received the Class of 1932 Plaque from Alumni Council president Jennifer Daniels ‘93, for the highest percentage increase in class dues (36%) in “a class of more than 25 but less than 50 years out of Princeton.”

At the same ceremony (and restaged in Firestone Lounge), our honorary and much honored classmate, James M. McPherson, received the Award for Service to Princeton. Read the citation below.

Friday evening we gathered at a familiar docking station, returning to Fritz Cammerzell’s house for wine, cheese and chatter, a lot of chatter — causing the caterer to pace. Convening under the big top were R. Brown, J. Callison, Cammerzell, Clegg ’14, h’72, Dayton, D. English, C. Godfrey, Hammitt, R. Harris, Hewitt, R. Hill, C. Hughes, Kohl, LaFountain, Le Vine, Lloyd Coulter, Loomis, Lovejoy (arriving for dessert), J. Marshall, McNealy, M. Morris, Rankin, T. Robertson, Sanford, Schneider, Tichenor, Walter and Woodward. Guests included Henry Cammerzell, Thayer Hewitt and Brock Hughes, along with Evan Elig ’20, Caden McLaughlin’20 and Nick Sileo’20 behind the bar, who poured and poured and poured.

Saturday brought a brisk rush of additional classmates for our pre-P-rade luncheon including Brissie, S. Burns, Clarke ’18 h’72, Daniels, Del Vecchio, B. English, Fair, Hewitt, Huttner, Julius, Kimball, Kurz, Luchak, Meaney, Murley, Nissim, Simpson, Smart, G. Smith, Springer, E. Strauss and Wen. Class Scholars Deion King ’18, Andrew Griffin ’20 and Kyla Sears ’21 stopped by with friend Zach Keller ’20. Guest George Will GS ‘68 also joined us.

Heeding the call of the band, we gathered at our station on the southwest corner of Nassau Hall, as predicted clouds began to darken the skies.The Old Guard led the way and the classes stepped out, right up through the Class of 1962. Then nada. We waited. No banners or blazers coming our way, but we could see a kerfuffle upstream.

Then a Marshall informed us, “The P-rade is being delayed.” No reason. Some heard rumors of lightning sighted at Poe Field. Nobody moved at first, but as the crowds lining the route moved without direction. Someone said, “Let’s go; we’re marching anyway.” So we unfurled the class banner and the Women of ’72 banner and stepped onto the route — think salmon swimming upstream ... We weaved against the current to smattering applause until figuratively tackled in front of Whig Hall.Lightning, the Marshall said sternly, take shelter. And so it ended. "Delayed" while the heavens opened, but when the rains were over, there was no one left to march. So, yes, it rained on our P-rade.

None among us can remember a P-rade ever getting rained out. But it's possible that one of our own, Pam Lloyd Coulter, attended the most recent -- at age three! Family lore has it that her father, who marched with Class of '42 in every P-rade until he passed, recalled a rain-out in 1953. Based on that math, best bring an umbrella in 2083!


Class of ‘72ers in the Service of Princeton: 

I am pleased to announce that one of the winners of this year’s  Award for Service to Princeton is our esteemed Honorary Classmate, Professor James McPherson. This award recognizes “outstanding service contributions by any member of the Princeton family, with special emphasis on those who contribute significantly, but inconspicuously.” I cannot think of a more deserving person than Professor McPherson. His service to our Class alone, as reflected in our seven Civil War Battlefield trips and also his and his wife Pat’s special relationship with us, is reason for the award.  He is the second member of the ’72 Community to win this award -- current Class President Skip Rankin was honored in 1987 after his term as Chair of the Alumni Council.


The award will be presented on Friday of Reunions weekend (June 1) at 2:00 in the Firestone Lounge in Rocky College (near the Madison Hall dining room).  I am hoping we can get a strong contingent of Classmates to attend the ceremony and let Professor McPherson know that we all agree with the choice!!  Skip Rankin and Fritz Cammerzell will be leading the charge, as I will be in New Hampshire at my 50th  (gulp) High School Reunion.  I am sad to miss it.

Please find the writeup honoring the Professor here.

 ’72 Cheers!!!   





Bill Binder – Memorial Baseball Game

Note from Charlie Hughes:

Alexis Brock in Princeton is helping to arrange a notice in the program for the Princeton baseball games against Yale on the weekend of April 28-29. The notice will be at the bottom of the program and say the following:

In Memory of our great friend

William F. Binder, Jr.

Captain 1972

By the Class of 1972

It would be nice if several of us could attend one or both games that weekend. I cannot be there on Saturday, April 28 but plan to go down for the game on Sunday, April 29 at 1:00 pm. I hope that others can join.

Charlie Hughes



Our 46th Reunion - May 31-June 2

Note from Fritz:

Dear Classmate:

The dates of our 46th Reunion are May 31 to June 2, 2018. This year, as is customary, we will be a satellite class of 1973's 45th Reunion. Their 45th Reunion will be located in Holder Courtyard. Due to our advanced age, there is no fee to register at their reunion. I suggest that you refer to the 1973 Reunion website (here) for more specific details about plans for their 45th Reunion.

This year we will hold our annual Class Dinner on Friday June 1, 2018 at my house, 108 Westerly Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08540. There is lots of parking on the street. Cocktails will start at 6:30 pm and dinner will be served at 7:30 pm. The cost of the dinner will be $80.00 per person. Reservations must be made no later than May 25, 2018.  You may either send me a check, or register on the Class of 1972 website (here).

Our pre P-rade Class Lunch, starting at 11:30 am, will be held at 1972 Plaza (in front of McCosh 10). Lunch is free to all Classmates and guests.

As always, if you have and questions please contact me (princetonlaw@att.net). We will look forward to seeing you later in the spring.

Best Regards.


Future Class of '72 Trips

Intrepid Class of ’72 Travel Buffs-

In an effort to keep everyone abreast of our ever-evolving plans to keep the class connected through travel, I am announcing the 2019 trips that we are putting together.  This is for two reasons:  first and foremost, to let people know what is in the works so they can plan accordingly, and second, to gauge the potential interest so we can arrange for the correct amount of rooms.  As you will see from the info below, we have to commit for rooms now to guarantee the space, and there is a financial aspect to that decision. Our 2018 trips are in great shape currently:  Prague in early May has a 40-person contingent for the longest trip (almost two weeks) we have ever planned, and we have over 100 people signed up for New Orleans Nov 7- 11.  I actually may have to go to a wait list if there is more interest in that trip.  

Here are the plans for 2019, which are a result of what we have heard from those who have weighed in with destination ideas:

Quebec City, Canada - Wednesday April 24 - Sunday April 28, 2019

A touch of old Europe in North America - that is Quebec City. It is one of the most charming and historically interesting cities on the continent.  If you look at the standard picture of the city, it is dominated by the imposing Chateau Frontenac, one of the grand chateau-like hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  It was constructed in 1893 and was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1980.  It is said to be the most photographed hotel in the world.  We have been able to procure a block of rooms there, and because we are doing so far in advance, we are able to do it with Fairmont Gold status (google it).  That means all the rooms will be on a high floor with great views of either the city or the St. Lawrence River.  We will have a private lounge (for Gold Status guests only - we will be the majority of that group) with an honor bar and snacks/hors d’oeuvres served daily, a private breakfast room to eat, and our own check-in away from the hustle and bustle on the main floor. 

During the days we are in Quebec City, we will take a tour of the “old town” and the upper town, learn about the wall that still surrounds the entire city and its incredible history, and tour the Plains of Abraham, where the Battle of Quebec was fought in 1759 (this is a 1972 trip - battlefields will be visited if in the vicinity!!).  Both the French General Montcalm and the British General Wolfe lost their lives during the battle.  We will also venture out of the city to see Montmorency Falls, and the Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupre, which, like Lourdes in France, is renowned for many instances of miracle healing.  We will have a chance to see the Ile d’Orleans , which lies in the St. Lawrence River three miles east of Quebec City and is renowned for its beauty and agriculture. 

We will be able to sample the culinary pleasures of the city during the evening, as we are working to arrange dinners at various venues all within walking distance of the hotel.

It is still early in the planning and I am sure there are more surprises to come.  Because of the deal we were able to strike with the hotel, we are being asked to commit to rooms now with penalties if we don’t use the majority of them.  I believe we can get 30-35 rooms at very attractive rates which I am happy to sign up for if there is interest, which I suspect there is. 

Glacier National Park and Whitefish Montana - Tuesday September 17 - Sunday September 22, 2019

There was an article in the New York Times Business section yesterday (March 6)  about the growing business of catering to travelers who want to visit Parks and areas of singular culture before they change forever. Glacier National Park was prominently mentioned as a park that was changing quickly due to global warming.  So we need to see it!!  As was the case with our trip to Yellowstone National Park in 2014, the trick is getting enough rooms at a lodge in or near the park to make a trip of it.  There are two lodges in the Park itself, and it is virtually impossible to get more than 10 rooms in them.  They are already booked through 2019. But the original Park lodge, which actually sits just outside the park on the southeastern corner, is the Glacier Park Lodge.  It was built in 1913 by a subsidiary of the Great Northern Railway (there is a theme here), and it was the first one built after Glacier’s  designation as a National Park in 1910.  There happens to be a railroad station at the lodge, which explains its location. After many phone calls and some inspired begging, we have been able to procure 30 rooms for September 18 - 22, 2019.  Since it will be a long journey for most people,  we have also booked 30 rooms at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana for Tuesday night, September 17. 

The closest airport to the Park is Glacier Park International Airport, which is 12 miles from Whitefish and 75 miles from the Glacier Park Lodge. The plan would be to have an opening dinner in Whitefish on Tuesday night, do some hiking in the area Wednesday morning, and take vans to the Glacier Park Lodge to arrive for dinner Wednesday night.  The next three days will be spent hiking in the park (we will split folks up depending on how challenging a hike they want), with one day devoted to the famous “Red Bus Tours” of the Going to the Sun Road, which will enable us to see a good deal of the park.  While we will be in a bus most of the day (small buses I am told), there are many stops and everyone I have talked to says this is a must do.  I am in the process of engaging guides who will be able to lead us and give us information about the geology, flora, fauna, and wildlife that we will be seeing.

It is still a work in progress, but the above is a rough sketch of what we have in mind for Glacier. Once again, because of the rates we are getting and the demand for the rooms, there are financial ramifications  to our commitment.  I will not be able to get more than 30 rooms, and when we are ready to move forward on this trip, I will ask you to deal with the hotels directly to get your rooms.  I normally run a master account, which I will do for Quebec City, but it won’t work for Glacier. 

There is nothing you need to do now other than indicate your potential interest in either or both of the 2019 adventures. Once I determine that we have enough to make it work, I will initiate the process of procuring the space.  As I said, it appears that we have 30-35 rooms for Quebec City and only 30 for Whitefish/Glacier, so I expect there will be a wait list for Glacier if past is prologue.  I will be sending out official notice of each trip at some point in the future, at which point you will be asked to officially sign up.  All I am trying to do now is determine the level of interest before I commit.

In terms of cost, these trips will be in line with the other trips we have done of comparable length. We are getting a great bang for our buck by setting them up in advance. My email is still jfrobinson72@gmail.com. Please indicate your interest soon as I have short time horizon to lock up the rooms at the attractive prices.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!  






Our Next Trip - The Mighty Mississip - Nov 7 thru Nov 11


’72 Travel Buffs:

Every January  the New York Times puts out a piece on the 52 most interesting places to travel for the upcoming year. Number 39 on the list for 2018 is Prague, which some of us will be visiting in May with Classmate Helena Novakova (and we still have a few spots!!). Number 1 on the list is New Orleans, which I am happy to announce is the destination of our Class adventure to follow Prague. We will help the “Big Easy” celebrate its 300th Anniversary from Wednesday November 7 thru Sunday November 11 2018. While I am still putting the final itinerary of the trip together, there are a few highlights to point out.

We will be staying at the Maison Dupuy Hotel in the heart of the French Quarter, and they have agreed to let us have our own hospitality suite in the hotel with snacks and libations. We will also be having a buffet supper at the hotel on Wednesday  night so that we can accommodate different arrival times. We will spend a full morning at the  World War II Museum, which is the most popular attraction in New Orleans currently.  We will also tour the French Quarter, with all its history and charm, and also the residential Garden District, with some of the most interesting architecture to be found anywhere. In keeping with our Class’ fascination with battlefields, we will be taking a riverboat to Chalmette, site of the Battle of New Orleans  which was the last engagement of the war of 1812 and made even more  famous by Johnny Horton’s 1961 ballad. This was the battle that made Andrew Jackson a national hero, and we will be led on our tour by  Sean Wilentz, The George Henry Davis 1886 Professor of American History at Princeton, and one of the most popular lecturers on campus. He is working on some other Ideas relative to New Orleans history that will add some intellectual gravitas to the trip.

New Orleans is one of the great culinary centers in the world, and we will be going to some of their best known  venues to eat. On Saturday night we will be hosted by our Classmate Janet Reyering and her husband Scott Howard at their beautiful home in the Garden District. That alone is reason to come. I have also reserved a room at Broussard’s ( a New Orleans favorite in the French Quarter) Sunday morning for the classic “Jazz Brunch” that New Orleans is known for. It is definitely worth booking a later flight home!!

I expect this trip will draw quite a crowd, and I hope to be able to accommodate everyone who is interested. In terms of cost, I don’t have an estimate but will try to keep it in line with previous trips to Santa Fe and Charleston as best I can. Please only sign up if you are reasonably sure you can attend, as late cancellations make the planning process difficult. As always, I am taking care of hotel arrangements and hopefully everything else, with the help of our local Classmates Jonathan McCall and of course Janet Reyering, so all you need to do is email me with your interest at jfrobinson72@gmail.com. I look forwarding to hearing from you!!!  





Princeton Alumni Day February 24, 2018

Our Alumni Day dinner will be held again at the Nassau Club, 6 Mercer Street on Saturday, Feb. 24. Our guest speaker will be Stanley N. Katz, director of the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies and lecturer with rank of professor of public and international affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School. Cocktails are at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $100 per person.

Two ways to register:

1) Contact Fritz Cammerzell at Fritz@alumni.princeton.edu and then send him a check for the cost of the dinner. You can mail the check to Fritz Cammerzell, 32 Chambers Street, Princeton, NJ. 08542. The check should be made payable to Princeton University Class of 1972.

2) Alternatively you can register here to make reservations and pay by credit card.




Owen Curtis in this week's Princeton Alumni Weekly


Classmate Owen Curtis tells everyone what it was really  like to be a member of the great Class of '72 here. Make sure you have speakers on or headphones ready to go when you use the link.



Celebrate the Women of '72



The pioneering women of our class, who helped bring coeducation to Princeton, are now featured in a new Women of '72 section of our website inspired by events at our 45th Reunion.  Women's pages editor Daryl English notes this section is a work in progress.  An announcement will be mailed in November to all 63 women classmates inviting them to visit the new pages and contribute their personal stories and remembrances.


Our 45th Reunion - June 1-4 2017


Total registrations: Classmates 211, Total 405

The Class of 72's 45th Reunion is over. Congrats to all who participated. Special thanks to Reunion Chairs, Robby and Fritz.


A sneak peek. What happens when 67 year olds don't act their age. Read about the Class of '72 45th Reunion Crew Classic here.


And waves of enthusiastic applause and cheers for the Women of '72 here. An excerpt from a essay by Chris Loomis describing their march:

You see, prior to when we entered, there were no women at Princeton. Carrying a banner identified us as the first of group of women who led the way for those who followed us. The overwhelming cheers were deafening and emotional. The women along the parade route realized that we had blazed a trail and that they had benefited from our trials and tribulations. It wasn’t until we heard the thunderous exuberance that I realized the impact we had made. There was an incredible connection which had been created and it brought many of us to tears.  We then realized how important our leadership had been in paving the way for those women who followed in our footsteps.

Read the entire posting here.

The 45th Reunion Schedule and key contacts is list available here. A full schedule of open events appears here.

A list of attendees is here. Photos of our Reunion are here.

Robby's Report:
Reunion Recovering 72ers - The 45th Reunion is in the history books now, and by all reports a good time was had by all. We thank everyone who took the time to travel to the campus to see all the changes and also to catch up with old friends. We haven't got the final totals, but our best guess is that roughly 225-235 Classmates showed up at some point during the weekend, with a total attendance of 425-450. For those who missed it, we will see you at the 50th!!! (or the 46th, 47th, 48th, or 49th). Reunions are becoming a life force of their own- 27,000 people were back on campus this year according to early reports.


Reunion Followup - For those of you who are awaiting to receive the belts or shirts with the correct sizes because we ran out, we will get them out to you as soon as we get a final accounting. We need to be sure we can pay for them. If anyone else would like to buy another belt or shirt, please let me know. I will be ordering them in the next few weeks. Shirts are $35 (that includes shipping) and belts are $40 with shipping. For those who didn't attend, the belts had nine of Ed Strauss's tiger logos from some of our class trips. They were the envy of other reuning classes. If you order anything, please send the check in the appropriate amount made out to the Class of 1972 and mail it to Fritz Cammerzell  32 Chambers Street Princeton  NJ  08542. As an aside, the belts run small and only come in even sizes. A good rule of thumb is to order a belt 1-2 inches bigger than your waist size. 


Class Trips -  as always, there was a lot of buzz about upcoming Class trips around the Reunion site. Our next trip is with Princeton Journeys on the Columbia River recreating the last section of Lewis and Clark's journey to the Pacific Sept 30- Oct 7. It is filled. Our first trip in 2018 will be the long awaited trip to Prague and the Czech Republic with Classmate Helena Novakova May 2-14. The details are on the web site. There will be a formal sign up for the trip as soon as Helena determines how many people can be comfortably accommodated. I know that many people have indicated interest to her, but there will be a formal process as there is on every trip. As soon as we know the capacity, I will send out an email to the class to which anyone interested can respond . If and when we are oversubscribed, we will have the customary wait list which historically we have always gone to. My hope is that we will be able to accommodate everyone who signs up. 

Our second trip in 2018 will be to New Orleans Nov 7-Nov 11. I am working on the details,  but there will not be an official notice sent out until later this year or early 2018. For now, just put the dates on your calendar.  We are working on ideas for 2019, and will keep everyone posted as they take form. 


Annual Giving - the campaign ends June 30, so please get your donation in if you haven’t already done so. Tom Hoster and his team will be  going to the mattresses to make the final push with phone calls and emails, and you can make their  time much more productive if you give now and get your name off the list. This is a Major Reunion year for us, so the stakes are higher.  Let’s keep '72's stellar AG record intact!!


Final Thoughts -

I hope everyone has a relaxing summer. Bob Wright will be handing over the Presidential reins to Skip Rankin on June 30, and we all owe Bob a big debt of thanks for a job well done over the past 5 years.  We have built on past legacies, and created new ones, such as the Community Service Initiative. He leaves the Class in great shape as we move toward our 50th

Our first on campus  Class event in the fall will be the Yale football game, Saturday November 11. Alumni Day will be February 24, 2018 (not official but most likely date), and Reunions are May 31-June 3 2018. Come back to all of them if you can!!  

A locomotive for the Great Class of 1972!!!    



Prague Trip May 2-14, 2018

Note from Helena Novakova:

Dear Classamates,
I am sending this message to all who signed up for the Cz trip that last night in Charleston. The bus will hold no more than 35-36 people plus baggage so if everyone who signed up originally goes we are already a bit over the capacity and I need to look for alternatives.
As suggested by Robbie the date is set for spring, May 2-14, 2018.

I am now working on the overall cost and should be able to give you that soon; I will need to start making reservations as the May season is quite popular.
Cheers to you all and will see you at the Reunions.

A description of the trip is here.


Columbia and Snake River Class Trip - 9/30-10/7 2017

In our continuing efforts to provide our Class with unique travel experiences, we have partnered with the great Class of 1976 to secure all the cabins on the 44-cabin S.S. Legacy for a trip down the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  What a great segue to the 45thin June!! The dates are September 30 - October 7, 2017.  The trip will be multi-faceted, as noted in the itinerary below. History, culture, fine dining and wine tasting are all part of the package, but the real draw is the opportunity to spend time with Classmates!! We will also be bonding with '76, which could provide a template for future adventures. The trip will be orchestrated by Princeton Journeys, as noted in the brochure attached here. We are working on getting an appropriate Princeton Faculty Study leader as well. You can see the diagrams and costs of the various cabins in the first two pages of the brochure. You can also see that pretty much everything we will be doing is covered in the fee.  We get $300 off per person as noted. We will be getting 22 cabins, as will '76. We are also splitting the classes of cabins down the middle, so everyone has a fair chance to sign up for the type of accommodations that they want. In the unlikely event we don't fill the boat. Princeton Journeys will fill the remaining cabins beginning at a date we will negotiate with them.

As always, space will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. While you ultimately be dealing directly with Princeton Journeys, please relay your interest to me first so I can control the process with the folks in '76. My email is jfrobinson72@gmail.com. My cell is 917-502-9114

The itinerary can be viewed here.

Class Trip - Charleston - Jan 25-29, 2017

On Wednesday afternoon January 25 we gathered, eighty-strong, classmates, spouses, and significant others, at Charleston's comfortable French Quarter Inn, from as far away as Seattle and Palo Alto, Peoria and Boston, Houston, Idaho, and Miami. Read the full story here.



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