2012 News & Announcements

Venture Capitalist Thanks Princeton, Honors Parents

One of Princeton University's newest dormitories had been open under an assumed name. But as of Saturday, its true identity will be revealed.

Peter Wendell

Now that their son, Patrick, has graduated, the dormitory will be unveiled with its intended name, in front of all the elder Wendells' living descendents.

Jim Marshall to Head up U.S. Institute of Peace

Former Georgia congressman Jim Marshall of Macon, a Democrat ousted in 2010 by Republican Austin Scott, has landed a job as presidency of the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Class of 1972 Scholars

I am pleased to announce our Scholar Selection Committee's choices for the four Class of 1972 Scholars.

Princeton Class of 1972...Letter from the President Bob Wright: August 2012

Fellow Members of the Class of 1972: I am happy to have this opportunity to write you as your new president.

Struck by a Whale Off Grand Banks by Dod A. Fraser '72

On July 1st while sailing from Newport, Rhode Island to Falmouth, England aboard our yacht "Peningo", we were struck by a whale and incurred significant damage to our rudder and hull. Collisions with whales are not common; indeed, the Canadian Coast Guard Captain that came to our assistance commented that this was only the third time in twenty-five years of service that he had assisted a yacht struck by a whale.

Starboard at Midnight by Lynn Behr Sanford

For those of you interested in the Titanic as we approach the centennial anniversary of its sinking, I wanted you to know that my wife, Lynn, has written a book about her grandparents, Helen Newsom and Karl Behr, both of whom survived the disaster.

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